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Drawn to Life.

Everyone who is an artist is born with a gift, an instinct, an intrinsic ability to see the world unlike anyone else. Born within them is a seed that grows when nurtured into a tree of creative knowledge...WRONG! I am here to dispel the myth that being good at any artistic form is something you are born with rather then time spent practised. To prove that, please browse the most fantastic pieces I created as a small child. As I've blogged about before our house was recently plastered and these gems had been kept behind the wardrobe. Please enjoy the work of the young creative Kathrine Anderson.

Self Portrait- First edition

Every good artist can see there own elusive nature as good as everyone else's. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in a self-portrait. I'm guessing this was a first attempt, maybe circa 1994? Interestingly I never had green eyes or hair as blonde as that but I believe I've captured my magnificent smile which surely had a high gum ratio if this image is correct. I've also captured my wonderful red bow which I almost certainly never worn or even owned.


I have a vague memory of creating this with a toothbrush. If I was to critique it now, I would say it's a crusade against oncoming womanhood and an aggressive stance on shirking away menstruation. The younger me would almost certainly disapprove.

Family Portrait.

Still got mad love for my singe (sister for those not fluent in child speak). I also like that I gave my Dad pink trousers just because I wanted to use the pink crayon. Realism be damned.


Apparently, we just sat on toiled up dirt. Great use of composition here too. Look at how all that white space lets the image breathe.

The Body

I legit love this. Look at those contrasting colours. Also, I've rejected the social norms of the body and reconstructed it to a fluid set of tissue and muscle. Either that or I literally don't know my arse from my elbow.


Despite both my sister and I asking for a Mr Frosty multiple time every year we never got one. Yes, it would have been another piece of plastic tat degrading in a landfill but we would have had ice pops on tap like mad hustlers. He was what dreams were made of...


6 years old here and I'd developed a truly unique style in that I gave my sun sunglasses. Apparently, I was somewhat sarcastic even then.

We don't have to take our...

I have nothing to say about this beyond I have no idea why social services weren't called in immediately. Also, I love the month of Jary.

So there you have it a small glimpse of small(er) Kathrine Anderson creations circa primary school. Hope you've enjoyed. I've actually got quite a few more pieces like these so I might give you a glimpse into the other artistic proclivities of me pre-adulthood. Be sure to click on the other sections of my site to see that I can actually draw and am worthy of payment for this service...honest.

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