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Crash course in Literature book covers!

Hello! I'm assuming you already have a fairly decent understanding of why this page exists, but if you don't let me tell you! I decided I wanted to push myself into doing something design wise that was a little uncomfortable. I decided a good way to do this would be to challenge myself to do a drawing a day. I had to think of a concept and execute it in a day. To make things even more of a challenge I'm still doing my regular 9-5 jobs so I have to do the whole thing in about 30 minutes (often in the evening and have very bad grammer and spelling due to tiredness). I've given myself only two colours which actually makes it a little easier as it means I have a natural limitation. I was wondering what my inspiration could be when I remembered the amazing Crash Course in literature series which you can find here. They are brilliant, have a fantastic variety of books and much like this project are short and concise. So, I've currently just completed series 1 and 2. To dive into the next series with me you can follow me on Instagram or twitter @KEAndersonArt if not, once a series is complete I'll try an put the work on here. Thanks!

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